Nevertheless...She persisted...

Nevertheless...She persisted...

Nevertheless...She persisted...Nevertheless...She persisted...


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 In this quick video I openly share with you my experiences of being led to things of the Universe - sending me on a path to discovering my own Spiritual Power & Authority, relying more on my Intuition, listening more to my Higher Self & finding healing.  I also discuss being introduced to "alternate facts" about Mormon Church History from a reliable source, living with Cognitive Dissonance for 6 months & ultimately leaving Mormonism.    


When There Just Has to Be a Change...

 In March of 2018 I realized - truly realized -  that my life had gotten to the point of requiring a major overhaul. If I was a house, I'd need to be gutted & remodelled. 

I also realized that I was finally ready to face the harsh realities of what would be required to take on such a job.  

There were and are a lot of different avenues I've used & am continuing to use on a path towards overall, whole health and healing. 

This journey, for me, has been about change.  That change for the better is a possibility & something that should be sought after. We are not meant to remain stagnant.  I look forward  to sharing the changes I've made to improve my quality of life & the lives of my children.


Why "That I Would Be Good"?

 "That I Would Be Good" is the title of an Alanis Morrissette song from the Album, "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie", released in 1998. I had listened to this song many, many times over & always felt a sense of appreciation for the message. 

Even though there are a million things wrong in my life, flaws & weaknesses that keep me from being the person I could & should be - even with all of these things - I still want to be good. I still want to live my life to the fullest, & make the changes I need to, rather than have a life long pity party. 

I would definitely recommend looking this song up - it can stir emotion like nobody's business. 


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